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Our Kids
Our Future

Parental Rights & District Transparency

Quality Academics

Safety and Security of our Children

Get Involved with Bringing Common-Sense Leadership to District 60


Advancing D60

As I run for the school board, I have some clear priorities. I definitely care about safety and security in schools which is crucial to providing a conducive learning environment, mental health, and supporting and advocating for our amazing teachers through professional development, training programs, competitive pay, and the promotion of teaching as a valued profession. These are all very important and need to be examined for ways to strengthen and/or improve them. But even more, I am passionate about supporting and advocating for parents, increasing district transparency, which will give parents the oversight and voice they deserve with their child’s education. And of course, I’m determined to continue improving academic achievement, ensuring that every child receives the best education possible with a focus on foundational skills, arming them with the essential tools to succeed in life.

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